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  Welcome to the Center of Animal Care and Use

The Center of Animal Care and Use (CACU) is designed as a rodent specific facility that conducts humane treatment of all animals used for research. All components of the CACU program follow the guidelines of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International). The CACU facility provides oversight and programmatic assistance in the domain of animal research.

  The CACU facility is composed of 4 zones and 2 laboratories.
  1. SPF Animals in stock: conduct general animal experiments.
2. Biosafety Level-2(BSL-2) experiments: conduct recombinant DNA/Vector studies
3. Breeding of GEM animals: produce transgenic (or knockout) mice for research.
4. Material sanitization
5. Clinical Research Lab: provide mouse clinical pathological services
6. In vivo Imaging Lab: allow non-invasive visible imaging of healthy and diseased animals.

The final goal of CACU is to promote high-quality animal care, use, and well-being and to enhance life-science research and education.

Jeong-Seok Nam
Chief, Center of Animal Care and Use
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