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  Building Description
Floor Wing A Wing B Description
B2   1811.68 렊 Animal research lab, equipment room,
electrical equipment room
B1 1029.25 렊 1,811.68렊 Animal research lab, maintenance office, administration office
Basement Dimensions
1029.25 렊 3,623.36렊  
1 804.79 렊 1824.38 렊 Cell culture room,
shared equipment room
2 926.64 렊 1739.11 렊 Cell culture room,
shared equipment room, cancer room
3 870.94 렊 1883.18 렊 1883.18 렊
4 90.77 렊 1893.92 렊 1,893.92렊
5   1865.29 렊 Research room, laboratory,
seminar room
Floor Dimensions
2693.14 렊 1865.29 렊  
Building Dimensions
3722.39 렊 12,829.24 렊  
Building area: 2,909.81렊
Building-to-land ratio: 22.01% (Legal limit: 40%)
Floor space index: 89.98% (Legal limit: 100%)
Parking lot: 102 spaces
The Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Center, established within Song-do Techno Park, has an area of 13,000 m2. It is composed of an administration building and a research building. The research building contains two underground floors and five aboveground floors. The two underground floors of the research building enclose our country셲 best animal research facility and have a combined dimension of 2300 m2. The aboveground floors hold various experiment and practice rooms, seminar rooms, research laboratories, and lecture halls. The basement of the administration building is a common space, the first two stories contain strictly administration offices, and the third story is used as a guest house. An indoor bridge connects the two wings.
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