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  The Global Collaborative Network of the Cancer and Diabetes Institute
In order to maximize the efficiency of our research, our institute intends to establish a global research network. We are collaborating with Young Bum Kim Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School for research on type-2 diabetes obesity. The Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telanglectasia (HHT) Center will collaborate with the lab headed by Suk Oh Ph.D. at University of Florida Medical School. Gerald Shulman, president of Yale Medical School셲 Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center, is working as an advisor in the development of our own Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center.
In terms of cancer research, we will operate a Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute Lab in the Ireland Cancer Center of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, Seung-Hyun Choi Ph.D.of the Salk Institute in San Diego, California will collaborate with the Incheon Free Economy Zone to build a Joint Center for Biological Science (JCBS) inside our institute in Songdo. Through global connections such as these, we intend to create an international research infrastructure.
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