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  The Purpose of the Institute
Our institute represents the optimal environment for developing new and effective treatments for cancer and diabetes. We have constructed an infrastructure that maximizes the success of our research on human metabolic diseases. Our institute is working in conjunction with Gachon University of Medicine and Science, the Neuroscience Research Center, the Clinical Research Center that is currently under construction, as well as other research institutions in order to fulfill our designated purpose. We consider taking advantage of research environments that have proved efficient in the past a valuable mechanism in the development of our institution.

Henceforth, our research institute will use this infrastructure as a foundation for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Through clinical and basic research we will delve not only into the basic biology of cancer and diabetes but also into the cure and prevention of these diseases in order to develop into this nation셲 leading research institute.

  The Goals of the Institute
To construct innovative methods of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention through clinical and basic research in order to develop into our nation셲 leading research facility in cancer prevention and basic cancer biology.
To emphasize research in the five following domains: tumor immunology, cancer diagnosis via genetics and clinical proteomics, cancer development via biology and virology, cancer prevention by developing new drugs via medicinal therapy and pediatric cancer.
To develop new treatments for a variety of recurrent, metastatic cancer.
To contribute to the development of main research between institutes on a international level and of science on the regional level
To meet the needs of local patients and those abroad through a widespread system of mutual collaboration between experts in the field for the development of cancer treatment, prevention programs and patient training.
To develop superior prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as industrialization using basic research results as a basis.
A. To establish an industrialized bioengineering system and an industrialized cancer research and treatment system
To lay a foundation focusing on the diagnosis, cause, and prevention of diabetes in addition to accomplishing clinical research
A. To construct a system that emphasizes personal health consciousness, treatment/prevention programs and rehabilitation that meets the needs of local and international diabetes patients through the collaboration of field experts.
To create community programs that provide the most up-to-date and innovative methods of patient training, support, examinations and treatments for diabetes patients of all ages.
A. To perform efficient research and develop new dietary therapies for patients.
To match specific treatment programs for individual patients and his or her specific physical and mental needs.
A. To develop new diabetes treatments as well as a system for the prevention of long-term complications.
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