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It is May, the loveliest of months. The fresh green here in Songdo proves this month셲 reputation to be true. Since 2006, we have been tirelessly preparing for the May 9th opening of the Gachon University of Medicine and Science 쁋ee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute. We opened the doors of our institute on May 9th with the hopes of growing into a leading research institute that can proudly stand beside those of its kind.

Through the determination and worldly knowledge of Chairman Lee Gil Ya of the Gachon Gil Foundation along with a cutting edge research system and equipment, our institute will research the close examination, prevention and new treatments of two of mankind셲 greatest afflictions: cancer and diabetes. Such research will contribute significantly to the improvement of patients health and will undoubtedly lead to a better quality of life for all mankind.

The Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute is the first and sole research institute with a 쁌ouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center. We are also constructing our nation셲 leading animal research center and genomics-proteomics center.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Gachon Gil Foundation. As we move beyond the accomplishments of this past half-century towards a hundred-year cornerstone, our institute represents the link between the thousand-year goals of the Foundation and the realization of these hopes.

At our institute, we will do our very best to overcome cancer and diabetes in order to become a beacon of hope for those afflicted with these diseases and eventually improve the quality of life for all mankind. Through original research and first-rate skill, we intend to become the medical front-runner of the 21st century. We ask for your unwavering support and interest in helping us achieve our goals. Thank you.


May 2008
Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute

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