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석박사 학위논문 발표
작성자: 관리자 조회수: 13024 작성일: 2013/06/20
2013년도 8월 졸업예정자 석박사 학위논문발표가
21일(금요일) 13시부터 진행될 예정입니다.

ㅁ 장소: 4층 대강당

ㅁ 발표스케쥴

Master Candidate 발표시간 논문제목 지도교수
김미휘 13시 00 Antioxidative effect of exendin-4 via Nrf2 signaling pathway in pancreatic beta cell 전희숙
이사빈 13시20 Generation of Spr conditional  knockout mouse 이영재
박세진 13시 40 The study on regulation of stem cell activity by hypoxia-inducible factor-2a in breast cancer cells 남정석
Chia Yun Tseng  14시 00 AB208: A Chimeric Ligand With Superior Differentiation Capacity to Produce Insulin Sen Yon Choe
Ph.D Candidate      
Enkhjargal Bayarsaikhan  14시20 Location and interaction of proteins are critical for progression of human tumor 이봉희
김은경 14시50 A nuclear Prx1 promotes Yap1 phosphorylation by Srb10 kinase in response to oxidative stress 장호희

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