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2014 Gachon LCDI Symposium on Cancer Metabolism
작성자: 관리자 조회수: 15193 작성일: 2014-11-24

ㅁ 날짜: 2014.11.06(목) , 12:30-18:30
ㅁ 장소: 이길여암당뇨연구원 대강당
ㅁ 프로그램
주제: Integrating Metabolism and Cancer Biology

Session 1
Oncogenic Control of Metabolism(좌장:전희숙,김광원)
tRNA synthetase network for cancer metabolism and signal pathways(김성훈,서울대)
Uncovering the mechanisms linking obesity and cancer risk(박지영,UNIST)
Unveiling the interaction of ROS and energy metabolism in cancer metastasis(강상원,이화여대)
Developing novel anti-cancer strategies integrating cancer genomics, signaling and metabolism network.(전상민,아주대) 
Session 2
New approaches in cancer therapeutics(좌장:최철수)
Poof of Concept; Aptamer-Antibody Hybrid as a Novel Anticancer Biotherapeutics(김인후,국립암센터)
Identification of RUNX3 as a gatekeeper of lung cancer.(배석철,충북대)
Pellino 3 : Is it a secret master in Cancer and Metabolism?(홍선택,가천대)

Session 3
Targeting metabolic Pathways against cancer(좌장:이호재)
Implication of EI24 in Cancer and Autophagy(이한웅,연세대)
How to target pathogenic macrophages through Eat me signal?(오병철,가천대)
Cancer drug discovery targeting HIF-1alpha/MDH2(이경,동국대)

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이전글: '13.07.16-'13년도 암당뇨연구원 안전교육
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